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Literacy India

Literacy India was founded in 1996 as an NGO (non-government organization) and the objective of the organization was to empower underprivileged women, youth and children through various projects/programs aimed at education, empowerment, and employment.

Seeing the rising poverty issues caused by illiteracy, ignorance, and unemployment, Literacy India has taken on the task of creating awareness on the importance of education for underprivileged children and youth, and importance for women to become self-sufficient.

The primary objectives of their various projects and programs include:

  • Our Artisans - Literacy IndiaA focus on bringing change in the lives of disadvantaged children, specifically young girls, by providing a different meaning to education. Literacy India is providing children with innovative methods of education based on their socio-cultural environment. Besides providing basic education and exposure to a variety of vocational skills in the performing arts, computers, animation, etc. they are providing children with an environment where they are encouraged to build their confidence and develop their own personalities.
  • A focus on encouraging self-sufficiency through a women empowerment program. In 2004, a self help group was formed with a target of structuring a strong working group of women belonging to various villages and slum areas of the region. The purpose of this project was to provide these women with production support and vocational training in sewing, tailoring, block-printing, Batik work etc. Literacy India is executing this project successfully by implementing multiple strategies such as:

    o    Identifying products that can be easily manufactured at a village level
    o    Guaranteeing the easy availability of raw materials for production
    o    Focusing on products that require very short training periods to avoid high start-up costs
    o    Ensuring that products that are designed are on par with current market trends
    o    Assuring that the quality of the products is maintained at a high standard

These efforts are improving the social and economic status of underprivileged families, especially the state of deprived and disadvantaged women by raising their confidence, enhancing their self-esteem, providing them regular work, fair wages, safe working environment, and future stability for themselves and their families.


Our Artisans - Literacy India