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Individual Cooperatives, Skill Training Groups, & Social Entrepreneurs

Aside from NGOs, foundations, and various established development organizations, we also work with individual cooperatives, skill training groups, and social entrepreneurs in India and Cambodia. These organizations are working towards making a change in the lives of artisans and home-based craft producers, especially women.

Individual CooperativesThese establishments are helping craft producers through projects that include:

  • Giving them work base-training and providing them with modern tools & techniques
  • Assisting them in using locally available resources and preserving regional art forms
  • Providing guidance on designs for products based on the latest consumer trends
  • Guiding them in accessing local & global markets through various marketing tools
  • Developing income generating programs that directly benefit low income groups, especially women
  • Offering financial support, if required
  • Following fair trade practices that ensure fair wages, safe working environments, and protection of worker’s rights
  • Helping artisans in developing their communities through clean living environments, basic health care, and education opportunities

With the support of individual cooperatives, skill training groups, and social entrepreneurs artisans and craft producers are building their micro-businesses, gaining opportunities to grow, and are having a chance to lead a dignified life. By purchasing our products, you are connecting with thousands of artisans, supporting them and their communities, and empowering women globally.