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HEED Bangladesh

HEED (Health, Education and Economic Development) Bangladesh, is a Christian, non-governmental and non-profit, national organization formed in 1974 by National Christian Leaders and several other Partner Organizations, in response to the postwar needs in Bangladesh. At present, HEED Bangladesh has 22 projects with programs addressing health, education, social and economic development for the disadvantaged people.

HEED Handicrafts, a fair trade organization, is a self depended subsidiary project of HEED Bangladesh working since 1978. The aim of this Project is to achieve sustainable livelihoods for marginalized underprivileged producers through skill training, handicrafts production, and marketing. The objectives, on the basis of which this project is benefiting artisans and producers, are:

•    Encouraging environmentally- friendly products
•    Ensuring and implementing Fair Trade policy
•    Providing artisans better technology to work and free training when needed
•    Specifically, encouraging marginalized and disadvantage women to work
•    Preserving traditional heritage and culture by using conventional design and motifs in handicrafts
•    Assisting artisans in marketing their handicrafts locally and globally

Our Artisans - HEED Bangladesh

The organization is actively working towards improving the socioeconomic condition of the producers/artisans and their associated communities, and are playing a vital role in the development sector of Bangladesh. By following fair trade practices they are making sure that artisans are getting regular employment, fair wages, and working in safe environment.

More than 10000 artisans from 300 groups across the country are the target beneficiaries of HEED Handicrafts, out of which about 60% are women.