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Non-Violent Silk Scarves, Jute Clutches & Bags and Coconut Fibre Clutches - Made by a Group of Underprivileged Artisans in Bangladesh

The non-violent silk scarves, jute clutches & bags and coconut fibre clutches in our Silk & Coco Collection are made by a group of underprivileged artisans in Bangladesh who have faced many hardships in their lives.

Two such women artisans are Liza Mollick and Bithi Dhas. Liza is a talented artisan and has 15 other artisans working with her, while Bithi has 12 artisans working with her. Before this fair trade handicraft employment opportunity, both Liza and Bithi were working long hours every day and were still not able to make ends meet. With the support of a NGO, Liza and Bithi are now earning fair wages and working a regular 8-hour work day. They feel happier that they are able to use their talented skills and sustainably provide for their families.

In The Making - Non -Violent Silk Scarves

In The Making - Non-Violent Silk Scarves

A recent addition in our network of artisans in Bangladesh is 26 year old Jarna Das. Due to financial hardships, Jarna was not able to continue her schooling after grade 5. Since her childhood, her mother and sister were involved in sewing jute bags and Jarna learned these skills from them. Now she is also financially supporting her family of 8, with her mother and sister, and is trying to fulfill the small demands of her siblings with her own income.

In The Making - Jute Clutches

In the making - Jute Clutches

To support these artisans in training, production and marketing their creations in the global market, we are working with two organizations in Bangladesh who are also dedicated to empowering low income artisans to break the cycle of poverty by creating jobs in handicrafts using locally available environmentally friendly resources. With this collaboration, we are ensuring that these artisans have access to regular work/employment, skills training, fair wages, safe working environment, health services, education for their children, financial independence and future stability for themselves, their families and communities.