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"Modern Art" in a Cuff (12046)

What a combination of copper, gold, & silver. A unique addition from our collection to your's

"From the Ruins" Copper Cuff (12045)

As if from the ancient ruins of some glorious long-forgotten city, this cuff stands out and tells a story

"Fighter" Copper & Brass Wide Cuff (10165)

Feel powerful with this copper and brass wide cuff

'A Look of Leather' Metal Cuff (12033)

This metal cuff has a great leather-texture to it

"Rustic Memories" Cuff (10166)

Add a rustic touch to your outfit with this cuff

"Metal Waves" Dented Cuff (12039)

The dented texture of this metal cuff gives it the appearance that the metal is flowing in waves along your skin

Bright Metal Dented Silver-Finish Cuff (12037)

Bright Metal Dented Silver-Finish Cuff (12037)

"Bed of Thorns" Dull metal-Finish Welded Cuff (12042)

Hand-crafted by artisans in northern India, this cuff has an edgy appeal to it

"Turquoise Flower" Metal Cuff (12034)

Turquoise is a hot colour! Add a bit of this trend to your wardrobe with this metal cuff
$35.00 $28.00

"Hard Edges" Wide Dented Cuff (12038)

Feel edgy and sophisticated with this dull-finish wide dented cuff with hand-crafted edges

"Chain Reaction" Silver Finish Metal Bracelet (10164)

Create a chain reaction of fashion successes with this silver-finish metal bracelet

"Temple" Hand-Painted Embossed Wooden Bangle (09372)

Hand-painted embossed gold & green wooden bangle that pops

"Subtle Beauty" Beaded Bracelet (12036)

Made in northern India, this beaded bracelet is subtly sophisticated
$18.00 $16.00